Personalized Treatment for Children, Teens & Adults

Dr. Guymon believes everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy orthodontic care and a stunningly straight smile.

At Guymon Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer a full range of orthodontics for children, teens, and adults at our offices in Logan and Hyrum.

Braces & Clear Aligners in Logan & Hyrum

You can find the latest fixed and removable orthodontic appliances to choose from at
Guymon Orthodontics, like:

  • Clear aligners
  • Clear ceramic braces
  • Modern metal braces
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Orthodontics for Children

There isn’t a definitive age to start orthodontics, but Dr. Guymon recommends a free consultation around age seven.

By this age, most children have a mix of baby and adult teeth, making it easier for Dr. Guymon to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems sooner (and, more importantly, without surgery).

There’s no better treatment than prevention. Catching things early will help Dr. Guymon give your child a healthy, beautiful smile for the future.

Here are a few signs that may indicate that your child should see an orthodontist like Dr. Guymon:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • A hard time chewing or biting food
  • Mouth breathing
  • Finger or thumb sucking
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Jaws that pop or make sounds when opening and closing
  • Teeth that come together abnormally or not at all
  • Jaws and teeth that are not proportionate to the rest of the face
  • Crowded front teeth around age seven or eight

Our Observation Program for Kids

Dr. Guymon believes it’s best to watch and evaluate tooth eruption while it takes place in your child’s mouth. This allows for any necessary intervention or treatment to help in the transitional dentition.

We schedule six-month observation appointments at no charge so we can do what is best for the teeth when it is best for your child.

Dr. Guymon wants to make treatment as easy and predictable when it is time for your child's braces.

This program allows us to do that without you worrying about having to pay anything before starting treatment at Guymon Orthodontics.

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Orthodontics for Teens

For teens around Logan and Hyrum, the most common time for orthodontic treatment at Guymon Orthodontics is between the ages of 11 and 16.

Experienced orthodontists like Dr. Guymon easily recognize spacing, crowding, bite, and alignment issues in this age range.

Your teen’s bone and jaw structure are formed enough to support orthodontic treatment.

At Guymon Orthodontics, we offer a variety of braces (types and styles) for teens to choose from, including ceramic braces, clear aligners, and traditional metal braces.

Free Mouthguards for Youth Sports

We provide free custom mouthguards to local sports teams and high schools.

We have colors for all the high schools around Logan, Hyrum and the surrounding areas.

If you have a specific team you would like to order for, let us know, and we can order a color for your team. Call to schedule an appointment for a scan of your teeth, and we'll have the mouthguard ready for you within a week.

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Orthodontics for Adults

You’re never too old to benefit from orthodontic treatment with Dr. Guymon, and that’s why we offer orthodontics for adults at Guymon Orthodontics.

Believe it or not, your teeth don’t stop moving after your teen years. Teeth that seemed straight and aligned in youth could have shifted later in life. This can lead to jaw pain, trouble brushing, or a smile you’re unhappy with.

Rest assured, you’re not alone in seeking treatment as an adult around Logan or Hyrum.

Whether it’s recurring jaw pain, gum disease, crowded teeth, a bad bite, or simply building confidence in their smiles, one in five orthodontic patients is over 21.

Some stigma stems from visible metal braces and discourages a lot of adults from treatment which is why we offer many alternatives.

Dr. Guymon uses orthodontic forces to move teeth in the same way as adults and children, and you’ll notice the benefits of your treatment in no time.

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Start With a Free Consultation

Whether you're a child, teenager, or an adult around Hyrum or Logan—you'll begin the same way.

Start your journey towards a healthy new smile today and schedule your free consultation with our expert and friendly orthodontist, Dr. Guymon.

Come to Guymon Orthodontics, and we’ll discuss your options and develop an orthodontic treatment plan designed just for your needs and smile goals.