Hear What Real Patients Say

Our patients can’t stop talking about their experience with Dr. Guymon and our team at our offices in Logan and Hyrum.

At Guymon Orthodontics, we strive to give your family the best possible care while building lifelong relationships together.

Makes Orthodontics Fun

Dr. Guymon has been amazing.

I was worried about getting braces as an adult, but they alleviated all my worries and made it fun along the way!

- Ellen B.

A Team that Listens & Cares

Guymon Orthodontics is the best! My daughter and I love Dr. Guymon and his team.

We feel like everyone listens to our opinion and educates us on our options to make a tailored plan that works for us both.

- TJ R.

Convenient & Flexible Scheduling

Two of my kids have had braces there, and we love working with Dr. Guymon and his team. It’s easy to get appointments, flexible with two locations, and they’re always willing to answer our questions.

- Lacy A.

Convenient & Flexible Scheduling

My appointments at Guymon Orthodontics are always quick, with no more than a minute or two wait beforehand.

The team is super friendly and quick to help or offer suggestions. Dr. Guymon has surrounded himself with good people!

- Cindy W.

A Friendly, Caring Team

Dr. Guymon and his team are incredibly friendly. When my son got braces, I thought he would be a little nervous, but that wasn’t the case.

I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly and caring team than Guymon Orthodontics.

- Jenny S.

Expert Care No Matter Your Age

Dr. Guymon’s entire team is wonderful. At 53, I never thought I’d be getting braces, and they made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

- Leeann O.