Meet the Guymon Orthodontics Team

Our team is here because we love what we do and who we do it with. We consider ourselves lucky to work with each other, Dr. Guymon, and, most importantly, our patients. Our team values great relationships, and we always look forward to building the next one.

There's nothing quite like watching someone grow happier and build confidence with each visit—especially when they finally see that perfect smile we've been working on together. We can't wait to meet you!

“The team at Guymon Orthodontics is friendly, and they always call you by name—because they know you, not because they're holding your chart. They are so professional, compassionate, and personable. I 100% recommend this office!"

Kellie C.
Nicole Headshot


Treatment Coordinator

I work chairside with our doctor, providing whatever assistance is required to make the procedure run smoothly.

At the same time, I'm focused on our patients, talking with them about what the doctor is doing, offering reassurance and encouragement if they're concerned, and cracking jokes to keep them entertained.



Financial Coordinator

I love seeing the relief on a parent's face when they realize they can afford orthodontic care for their child. I coordinate insurance and financial arrangements.

I work with parents to find a payment schedule that works with their family budget, ensuring that the patient can start treatment at the best time.



Treatment Coordinator

I take X-rays, impressions, and photos. Since I spend less hands-on time during treatment, I can spend extra time catching up with our patients.

I love hearing their stories about school, the recent home game, or their latest-greatest adventure.



Clinical Assistant

As an orthodontic assistant, I work closely with Dr. Guymon and our patients when we install and remove their braces and make adjustments over the course of treatment.

I have worked as an orthodontic assistant for the last five years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Working with patients and their families to create new, beautiful smiles is a very rewarding experience, particularly in this warm and friendly practice.



Scheduling Coordinator

I am the voice behind the phone. I make all the appointments and try to keep the day running on time. I love getting to know our patients and families.

I have five children and three happy grandsons! In my spare time, I do Taekwondo with my husband and two youngest children. I enjoy traveling to California and Texas to spend time with my grandsons.



Clinical Assistant

I have been working for Dr. Guymon for 12 years. I assist with braces installation and de-banding. In addition, I take X-rays and make retainers. I'm lucky to spend lots of time with our patients and love seeing their great smiles.

I speak Spanish and occasionally have the opportunity to translate! Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, son, and three daughters.