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You’ll learn about our office's programs and how you can take advantage of them.

Observation Program

Dr. Guymon believes it’s best to watch and evaluate tooth eruption while it takes place in your child’s mouth. This allows for any necessary intervention or treatment to help in the transitional dentition.

We schedule six-month observation appointments at no charge so we can do what is best for the teeth when it is best for your child.

We want to make treatment as easy and predictable when it is time for braces.

This program allows us to do that without you worrying about having to pay anything before starting treatment.

Appointment Concierge

Each time you visit, a team member spends the appointment with you.

They‘ll explain procedures, perform assigned tasks and communicate treatment needs and progress.


Constant Communication

You’ll be informed of what each appointment entails.

At each stage of treatment, you’ll hear the progress and steps needed to achieve an excellent result in a timely manner.

And, if questions arise, we’ll answer and address them.

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