Our Family Can’t Wait to Meet Yours

At your first free visit, you’ll meet our friendly team, build a plan that works for you, and understand why people all around Logan and Hyrum trust Dr. Guymon with their smiles.

Why Choose Us?

At Guymon Orthodontics, we’re listeners, collaborators, and experts—all in that order. We do some of our most important work before you ever get to the chair to ensure you have the best experience possible.

It’s important to understand that orthodontic treatment and appliances vary depending on your needs and preferences. We use metal or ceramic braces or Invisalign trays, depending on your situation.

The duration of treatment also depends on your particular case and your particular needs. We’ll be with you at every step ensuring you feel confident and comfortable.

logan orthodontist
Logan orthodontics

Your First Visit

We like to keep things casual at Guymon Orthodontics. You’ll get to know everyone on our team at your first visit, take a tour of the office, receive a gentle oral exam, and discuss which treatment options best fit your needs.

Here’s the breakdown for your first visit:

  • A quick review of your dental and medical history forms
  • A thorough oral exam with X-rays to determine whether treatment is necessary
  • A one-on-one session with Dr. Guymon to help you create a customized treatment plan
  • A financial consultation to talk through insurance options and payment plans

What happens next?

After your consultation, we’ll schedule your first appointment at your convenience so that Dr. Guymon can place your new orthodontic appliance. Your comfort and trust are our top priority, so we’ll always let you know what we’re doing before we do it.


  • Free exam
  • Records appointment
  • Bonding appointment

Financing & Insurance

Affordable Payment Plans

Your smile is exactly that: yours. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best orthodontic care whenever you need it. Our practice accepts most major credit cards and insurance plans.

Our team is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage or ideas about how we can make your entire orthodontic experience pleasant.

Convenient Online Services

Our online services allow you to:

  • View your appointment and account information any time
  • Sign up for email or text appointment reminders
  • Check your payment history and see current charges
  • Print out flex spending reimbursement and tax receipts

If you do not have a patient login, please let us know at your next appointment, and we will gladly help you set up your account.